Asbestos sample testing across Scotland

Carymar’s industry professionals are fully trained and experienced in efficiently collecting representative samples of any suspect materials. The samples are then analysed by an UKAS accredited laboratory to determine if asbestos is present and if so, what type. 
If you are unsure about a material in your property, our asbestos sampling service offers you peace of mind. This allows you, with the help of the Carymar team, to make an informed decision about your next steps to either monitor the asbestos or have it removed and safely disposed of.  
Carymar cover Glasgow, Fife, Edinburgh, Dundee and the whole of Scotland for asbestos sampling.  

Asbestos sampling FAQs

Why is sampling necessary? Asbestos is not easily identified due to its nature and tendency to be mixed in with other building materials. Therefore, by taking a sample we are able to determine the presence of asbestos. This can be life-saving as disturbance of asbestos containing materials can realise deadly fibres and when inhaled can lead to fatal diseases. Find out more about the dangers of asbestos. 
When would you need an asbestos sample?  Before conducting any works that may disturb the suspect material – DIY, refurbishment, demolition. This will allow you to take the necessary steps to manage or remove the suspect materials or continue at ease knowing there isn’t any asbestos present.  
What is the sampling process? Carymar’s sampling service involves one of our fully trained and experienced asbestos operatives visiting site and obtaining the necessary sample(s) of the suspect material(s). The sample is then analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory to determine any asbestos present, and if so what type of asbestos. A certificate of the analysis is produced and we are able to make recommendations from there.

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