Asbestos is still found today in many buildings built prior to the year 2000. 

The term asbestos means “inextinguishable”. This relates to the evidence that the material doesn’t burn – one of the many reasons asbestos was widely used in building materials in the 1950s until the late 1990s. Alongside protecting against heat, asbestos offers insulation against heat and electricity and is durable against corrosion. As a result, asbestos was commonly used in products like ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, boilers, sprayed coating and garage roof sheets and is still commonly found in buildings built prior to 2000. For more information on where asbestos is likely to be found click here. 

Every week, 20 tradespeople, on average die from asbestos related diseases. 

Exposure to asbestos is known to cause several serious diseases, some of which can be fatal. If products containing asbestos (ACMs) are disturbed, the tiny fibres are released into the air and when breathed in, they become trapped in the lungs and stay there for many years. It is over time when these fibres accumulate and lead to serious health problems, including; Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Plural Thickening. Read more about the dangers of asbestos.

The main cancers are mesothelioma, which is always fatal, and bronchial (lung) cancer, which is the same cancer that is also caused by smoking. The danger of asbestos related bronchial cancer is believed to be considerably increased in people who smoke.  

The other potential diseases are asbestosis and pleural scaring, which are debilitating though rarely directly fatal; however often they go on to develop into fatal cancers. 

Although these diseases can appear a relatively short time following exposure, sometimes it can take forty years or so before the disease develops. This year around 4,500 people in the UK will die of asbestos related diseases. It is the biggest work-related killer. 

Carymar demonstrates the highest standards of workmanship at all times. 

There are six difference forms of asbestos, however the three most frequently found are blue, brown and white asbestos. All three can be found in countless building products. Due to the nature of asbestos and the fact it was commonly mixed with other materials containing cement or textured coating, often the presence of asbestos is difficult to recognise. 

As a licensed asbestos removal contractor, Carymar demonstrates the highest standards of workmanship and health and safety management at all times. Our highly trained team have a wealth of experience and expertise to call upon.

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